Monday, October 21, 2013

4 Years Old!!!

Happy birthday Kamryn! I can't believe you are four already! You are so sweet and appreciative of everything... what blessed parents we are. We had Kam's party at CiCi's Pizza, and it was great. Oh and presents! This is one lucky kid to have so many wonderful family members who love her. This morning, Kam awoke to many colorful " Molly Chickens" and streamers in her room! Kam you just giggled and kicked them around your cute. This afternoon, Baylee and I are bringing popsicles to school for Kam Kakes and friends to celebrate some more. Sweet lil Baylee Boop is always happy to be along for the ride. And finally, we'll top the night off with Kam's favorite dinner: "Cloudy with a Side of Meatballs"!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Picture Day and Close Calls

Got Kam all dolled up this morning for picture day; she looked so beautiful. She didn't want me to keep saying that though. I then said she looked What joksters we are Kam! Off to school for Kam and then a snuggle filled morning with my Baylee Boop. Bay I did almost drop you though...sorry! I put you in the car seat to carry you to the kitchen and the handle jammed. You fell forward out of seat, and I caught you just in time...we'll the good Lord did;-) You were fine and smiling. Looooooovvvvveeeee my ladies and appreciate every second of this year home with YOU lu


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anniversary, Croup, and Zzzzzzzzs

Yay... Let the mommy blog begin! FYI: I get the whole school year to be home with my 2 sweet babes...better document the fun. Today is my and Dan's 7th wedding anniversary, and we are still so very happy. Bay woke up at 4:30am to nurse, and as soon as I got her back to sleep, Kam woke up from the Croup. We got some fresh, cool Saw Creek air, then hit up a hot shower for some warm mist: an instant fix. Back to bed for Kam with me on the floor. Kam you then slept til 10am (no school for you today)along with lil sissy after she had one more nursing; both girls never sleep that late...Bay you looked sooooooo sweet and comfy. Rest of the day will be spent with Abuelita and a date nite for Mom and Dad.